Code of conduct

code of conduct

Employment policies

WCS Accessories abides by the principle that decisions on hiring, salary, benefits, advancement, termination or retirement are based solely on the ability of an individual to do the job

Forced Labor

ACS Accessories does not use forced labor in any form:- prison, indentured, bonded or otherwise.

Child labor

QCS Accessories does not employ any person below the age of 18 to produce apparel accessories or equipment.

Wages & Salary

QCS Accessories provides each employee at least the minimum wage, or higher and provides each employee a clear, written accounting for every pay period.

Safety policy

To provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from our work activities. To consult with our employees on matters of healty and safety. Maintain safe plant, equipment and building.

Environment policy

We are strictly comply environtmental laws and regulation of the governments of Bangladesh and to produce witout hampering the environment and considering to the health and safety of our people and as well as our employees. OUR COMPANY SLOGAN "KEEP YOUR ENVIRONMENT GREEN?


  1. To deal failry, openly and honestly with all employees, customers and suppliers.
  2. To always obtain the best value from the resources available


  1. To avoid any dislocation and misunderstanding between inter department of factory and office. 
  2. To maintain good healthy and harmonious inter personal relationship inside the organization.
  3. Maintain good Working Environtment for better productivity

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